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We are constantly looking for fine quality pieces to add to our collection.  You can always rely on us to settle instantly and provide the maximum discretion when doing.
If you wish to send us photos of your items please email them to bjantiquejewellery1@gmail.com
Bj antique Jewellery are antique and vintage jewellery dealers, specialising in rings, based in London.


I've been a specialised dealer in antique jewellery practically all my working life. I was lucky enough to hone my knowledge in London,  the centre of the antique jewellery business in the 80's and 90's.  In my career I have had shops specialising in antique jewellery,  and have exhibited at  all major international antique fairs, I have vetted jewellery and I am also a valuer and  I can provide a Valuation for Insurance on my items (upon request),   I do not charge for this.

Since selling via the internet.   I am  now a firm believer in this  mode of buying and selling because,  given the right descriptions,  good clear photographs and most importantly customer support,  and the net works  Brilliantly.

This has been the most difficult part for me,  trying to relay to you in a photograph what I see with my eyes. Although  My photographic skills are improving please be safe in the knowledge that the item is usually better than photographed!  YOU CAN also  rely on my descriptions. If I say a diamond is very white, and the pictures on your screen do not look white,  please, go by my descriptions, because I stand by them! I will always do my best  to work with my customers. Don't hesitate to ask questions. I am happy to provide any information I can,  to help you make an informed decision about an item that will remain in your memory for years to come. My jewellery descriptions are based on a long career in the business and I do have a genuine love for antique jewellery,  because,  this field encompasses everything I love most, manual skill, artistry, design, social and economic history,  plus an intangible link to the past and there is just something undeniably magnetic about quality handmade Antique jewellery.

The Turn-of-the-Last Century Era, Edwardian - early ART DECO, produced some of the finest jewellery ever .  Known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and fine quality materials used,  it is highly revered by collectors today. Original Antique Victorian Period jewellery is quickly disappearing on the market today. Relatively few pieces have survived in good condition over the years and many only exist in private collections at this point in time.

I am eclectic in my taste and  in our era of mass production, I often marvel at the work  and craftmanship gone into gem stones  of which I  truly am knowledgeable.
The individual making of an antique item, whether that piece is an unusual  Designer 50's piece of Silver jewellery, or a Fabulous quality  art deco Diamond ring,  or a bijoux Georgian Diamond Ring! Therefore depending on what I find,  or am offered, I cover all  antique periods up to retro, (never knowingly reproduction). Antique jewellery is a highly specialised area and I like to offer a varied selection for sale. Having handled a lot of  jewellery I'm always looking for something a little bit different, and  after all these years I do have a trained eye for true quality. Often beautiful natural and unusual  gemstones can be found in pieces, which I believe are often  undervalued at
today's gem prices, I buy individual items and I always look for good quality natural gemstones.
Please browse my website, for some truly beautiful original antique jewellery. I appreciate how difficult it is to buy *blind* and I will try my very best to
accommodate you with high value jewellery I have for sale.  Please don't be worried to email! I also have excellent resources and contacts so if there is something in particular you have been searching for please contact me, I may very well be able to help!   I do not find  quality antique  jewellery easily, it takes a lot of searching out and hard work to get it!

Neither do I feel that the longer I have something the less it is worth, in fact the opposite, I deal with commodities, i.e. gold and silver.  I do not discount because I have every confidence in my jewellery which I believe only increases in value which has been shown to be true in the sudden gold and silver upturn.

I prefer not to highly clean and polish antique jewellery.  I present it as found with a gentle clean and rubover, I don't believe in  polishing away years of patina.

 I vet all my items thoroughly with excellent backup and a combined family wealth of experience in the jewellery antique trade and try to give a knowledgeable, honest and fair description of the item I am selling. Please remember that antique jewellery is just that, and all items will usually show some evidence of wear commensurate to age,  although repair and damage will always be pointed out. In the absence of hallmarks which is often the case in antique jewellery, I acid test (hallmarking is after all a tax now,  and wasn't compulsory then)  Measurements are to my approximation and I do use a digital
gauge in most instances and specialised equipment. It is never my intention to mislead anyone and should I make a mistake in my description, or you are not happy with a purchase, I have  A NO QUIBBLE policy and will compensate in full providing the item is returned within 14 days. You must email in the first instance. The item must be returned unused, unaltered and unworn, fully insured and in the original packaging. To review our testimonials please click here and become one of over 3000+ customers we have since going online.

 My aim is to make my transactions a mutually beneficial and happy experience! 

 Your Satisfaction is my Reputation
after all!

If you would like to discuss specific items, or need help in sourcing a special or rare item of jewellery please email me or call, see below.


 bjantiquejewellery1@gmail.com - telephone  07920 401167